Yoga for Social Connection

Like many residents of the Vancouver region, Esther Bérubé, founder of Singing Heart Yoga, moved here a few years ago. “After holding back tears and snot through a few yoga classes, I finally let go and accepted the sadness of feeling alone. I also discovered ways to create heartfelt connections with people,” says Esther.

Singing Heart Yoga will offer a workshop on “Yoga for Social Connection” on Saturday, July 5, 2014 at 8pm at the Open Door Yoga Retreat taking place at the Cheakamus Centre in Brackendale, BC.  Anyone – from students to seniors, flexible or not – is invited to experience the elements of yoga that can build trust and deeper connections between people when there are many demands on our time. This is key to overcoming the isolation and lack of belonging that the Vancouver Foundation’s 2010 Vital Signs report identified as the biggest issues facing residents of the Vancouver region.

The workshop intends to share simple skills from yoga that participants can apply in everyday life to foster fulfilling relationships. For example, through somatic yoga postures and movement, participants will experience the benefits of engaging all five senses, establishing rhythms, and embracing potential embarrassment. “Stage fright is the musician’s fear of embarrassment. Yoga helps me release and transform that fear into an energetic performance that connects me with an audience. Really, we’re all making music together,” says Mars Pitre, who will play well-loved songs and original music during the workshop.

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