Introduction to Chair Yoga

While volunteering with Yoga Outreach for a few years in mental health and addiction recovery settings, I’ve met several students who would feel more supported and comfortable practicing yoga in a chair.  Getting down and up from the floor is not for everyone!

The “chair yoga training” offered by Sylvia Smallman on April 26, 2014 introduced me to many ways that a yoga practice can be adapted to include a variety of poses seated on a chair or standing beside one for support, depending on the comfort level of the practitioner. Of course, the ability to breathe and connect with ourselves transcends any pose. I appreciated the element of effort balanced with rest and other somatic aspects that we can weave into a chair yoga practice, just like any yoga practice.

I look forward to offering the opportunity to practice yoga to a wider range of people who might not have previously felt that yoga was accessible. Take a deep breath and welcome aboard!


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